Yet another attempt at this kind of crap

August 2, 2006

OK, if you’re reading this you probably know me, and you know that I gave up on my old website after 3 months and livejournal after 2. Let’s see if I can continue that trend or if this one will stick.

I’m going to start off with a very short tour of my apartment for those of you who haven’t gotten a chance to visit. Yes, it’s boring, no, you don’t have to read it.

Click on the thumbnails for descriptions.

the living room the kitchen the computer area

So there’s that. Maybe I’ll keep posting, maybe not. This is already way too web2.0 for me.


7 Responses to “Yet another attempt at this kind of crap”

  1. ToliverChap Says:

    Hey looks good Bill just stay away from red text. What’s that on the TV? It sort of looks like Fred Savage or possibly Ben Savage from Boy Meets World. The kitchen is missing the raw chicken.

  2. I think that was Dead Like Me, or maybe Eureka. There’s no raw chicken because I don’t cook.

  3. eripsa Says:

    So do you have the couch situation settled, or did that come with the place?

  4. My sister gave me that couch, and the big comfy chair. The only thing that was in the apartment when I moved in was a stove. I ate ramen, in-n-out, and jack in the box for about the first two weeks before my fridge finally got delivered.

  5. ToliverChap Says:

    Attempt again! It’s the weekend what sort of laundry list of stuff do you have to get done? If you post often early you’ll get into the habit of it. Then when you become an old pro like me you can just do one every 10 days or so. Focus on crap you have some kind of opinion about, doesn’t matter what since you know it doesn’t matter at all.

  6. ToliverChap Says:

    Bill how about a few pictures of what’s “outside” your apartment to give us a lay of the land. That’d be an easy post.

  7. Fred Bryan (P.A.M., O.S.P.o.H.) Says:

    Thou shalt update thy Blog, that the people in the Land mightest rejoice, and wonder at thine absence not.

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